Applications are open! Apply now for a retreat in Fall 2021/Winter 2022


Please scroll down to see sample retreat schedule

Are you drowning under the weight of your ministry?

Do you feel lonely even though you are surrounded by parishioners?

At the Walt Crow Center for Pastors, we know that pastoring is difficult. 


If you would like a free four-day retreat, a free therapy session, a free session with a spiritual director, and a meeting with a pastor/mentor, please apply. We will tailor the retreat to your needs. If you would prefer to simply be by yourself, you do not have to choose to have therapy or meet with a spiritual director. 

These are individual retreats. You will be staying in a 3 bedroom house by yourself or with your family if you choose to bring them. 

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from Oklahoma City, and for transportation while you are in Oklahoma City.

Sample Retreat Schedule:


12:00 PM Arrive at House, met by director or associate director for brief orientation.

2:00 Meet with therapist

4:00 Meet with pastor/mentor

6:00 Dinner with Director Kelly Yates and Associate Director Steve Brant


Free time


10:30 am Attend OKC First Church of the Nazarene

2:00 meet with Spiritual director

Rest of Sunday Free.

11 AM Meet with director Kelly Yates for a brief debriefing

12:00 checkout of house.