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Are you a burned out pastor?

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I Kings 19:1-18

Almost every pastor has felt like Elijah! You’ve been through a huge event, things went great! The next day you feel a horrendous let down. You start hearing voices that say, “It wasn’t that great of a day. Think of all the things that went wrong.” Or even worse, someone calls and complains about a little nit picky thing. You also start feeling like no one in the world understands what you’ve gone through; and perhaps even no one in the world, or at least in your church, loves Jesus anymore. You can’t stand to hear one more complaint or hear that one more faucet in the church building is leaking. You really need to talk to someone but you don’t know who to call. Your spouse is at work, and besides he/she has enough burdens.

You need a break. You need one badly. You wonder if you are experiencing what they call pastoral burnout…or you know you are experiencing burnout. Maybe you even know you are depressed. What are you going to do so you don’t break? What good is a broken pastor?

Elijah had just been through the biggest event of his life. He had defeated the prophets of ba’al at Mount Carmel. He had run ahead of Jezebel, but here she is out to kill him. What is he to do? He who has killed all the prophets of ba’al with his own hand is afraid of one person. He goes to hide and finds that God has prepared a place for him to rest, restore, and recover.

He rests. He eats. He sleeps. When he comes out of his stupor (Sometime around Monday evening for pastors), he hears God speaking. Finally. God has been silent for too long.

What if there was a place where you could rest, eat, and sleep away from your church and the town? Sure, you say, these places exist and they cost money you don’t have. But what if there was a place where it was free?

If you’re still reading, I’d like you to know that the Walt Crow Center for Pastors is that place. Through the amazing ministry of Oklahoma City First Church of the Nazarene, we have created a place of rest for you. How do I get in? You ask. You write an essay stating why you need a retreat.

We choose our participants based upon need.

Convince us. Make us cry.

Tell us why you, more than any other pastor in the world need a break.

If you we choose you, you will get a four day absolutely free retreat. You will get a free session with a licensed therapist, one with a spiritual director, and one with a pastor/mentor—someone who has been there. We pay for your food and even give you some money for recreation.

So go ahead and fill out our application. We’d love to welcome you to our retreat to rest, restore, and recreate.

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